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Firebird Robotics team 3019 at Chaparral High School

Firebird Robotics is a sixth-year FIRST Robotics Competition team. Our last 3 were seasons of great progress and success. During these last five years, we went from a small group of mainly inexperienced kids to a group that understands the values of teamwork and cooperation.

Firebird Robotics' participation in FIRST Robotics Competition has benefited every member of our team. We as a team are determined to share FIRST with our community. In the year 2010, we helped form the FIRST Robotics Competition teams 3133 and 3187. We also mentored Supai Middle School's FIRST Lego® League team.

Our team is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Scottsdale is known for its beautiful weather, world-renowned golf, and a small, western-town feel. Although affluent, Scottsdale is relatively new to science and technology

We have made a great effort to involve our community in our club and in FIRST. Our team has presented at our school's open house, our Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Clubs, local businesses, and participated in many local FIRST community events.

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